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Fun Facts on Idaho for Kids
Discover fast, interesting fun facts on Idaho for kids with some amazing, cool and quick information. Ideal for children, homework, schools, teachers and kids of all ages! Enjoy our fast, fun facts for kids on Idaho in a useful fact file format with facts sheet on every US State. Fast fun facts for kids with a funny video on every page to make the learning process easy, entertaining and great fun! Fast fun facts for kids with free pictures and photos - ideal for fast homework help
. Find out answers to questions like: What is the Capital of Idaho? Where is Idaho? What does the state flag look like? Which states border Idaho? What is the history of the state? What was the population of Idaho in the 1920 census? Watch our fun, entertaining video and enjoy learning about each US State the easy way!

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Did you know that the state of Idaho is the 14th biggest state in America? Did you know that Idaho is one of only two places on earth where star garnets can be found in significant numbers? The other place is India. Did you know that Idaho is the 43rd state of the U.S. constitution?

Picture of the State Flag of Idaho
Fun facts about the Idaho would not be complete without a picture of the state flag! Watch the video, its fun and free entertainment for kids and children of all ages - ideal for homework help.

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The State Flag of Idaho

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Idaho on US State Map

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Fact Sheet on Idaho
Fun Facts on Idaho for kids

Fun Fact 1

The name Idaho is believed to have been a thought up word that means gem of the mountains. A considered name for the area was Pike's Peak, however mining activist George M. Willing, suggested the name Idaho as he claimed it had Shoshone Indian origins. Congress later realised that the name had been made-up but it had already been accepted and agreed, the name was later said to be a tribute to a girl named Ida

Fun Fact 2

The flag of Idaho is blue in color with the "great seal of the state of Idaho" centrally placed. The seal is very detailed and depicts a woman representing liberty and justice, a miner symbolizing local trade, a wheat sheaf and two laden cornucopias - strength in farming plentiful agriculture and crops, a shield which pictures -native settlers, a river, fir tree and mountains, above which appears the head of an elk and the state motto "Esto perpetua"

Fun Fact 3

The Capital city of Idaho is Boise

Fun Fact 4

The land area of the State covers 216455 square kilometers or 83574 square miles

Fun Fact 5

There are six US states that directly border Idaho they are; Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming

Fun Fact 6

The state nickname is "The Gem State" this is because 72 different types of gems have been found there. Another popular nickname is "The Potato State" due to the significant crop growth

Fun Fact 7

The highest point is Mount Borah standing at 3,847 m (12,622 ft), the lowest point is the city of Lewiston at 225 m (738 ft)

Fun Fact 8

The official State Song is "Here We Have Idaho" it was written by McKinley Helm and Albert J. Tompkins and the music was composed by Sallie Hume-Douglas

Fun Fact 9

The largest cities in Idaho are Boise, Nampa and Pocatello

Fun Fact 10

The State Motto is "Esto perpetua (Let it be perpetual)" which translates as "It is forever"

Fun Fact 11

Short History of Idaho - Explored by the Lewis and Clark expedition of 1805. The area was held jointly by Great Britain and the United States between 1818 and 1846. It became a separate territory in 1863. Once famous for agriculture, forestry and mining Science and technology have, in recent years, become the largest economic revenue for the state

Fun Fact 12

The abbreviation letters for the state of Idaho are - ID

Fun Fact 13

There are 44 counties in Idaho

Fun Fact 14

The US Department of Commerce Census Bureau states that the Population of Idaho in 2012 was an estimated 1,595,728. This compares to a population of 431,866 in the 1920 census

Fun Fact 15

The rivers of Idaho measure a distance of 4,989 kilometers (3,100 miles) that's longer than the rivers of any other US State

Fact Sheet on Idaho
Fun Facts on Idaho for kids

Fun Facts on Idaho

Fun Facts on Idaho for Kids

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