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Fun Facts on New York for Kids
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Enjoy our interesting, fast, fun facts for kids every State of America is represented in a fact file format with a fact sheet containing fun, informative, useful facts on each amazing American State. Fast facts for kids with a funny video on every page to make the learning process easy, funny and entertaining! Fast fun facts for kids with free pictures and photos - ideal for fast homework help. Find out answers to questions like: What is the Capital City? What does the state flag look like? Where does the name originate? Watch our fun video and enjoy learning about this amazing American State the easy way!

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Did you know that the state of New York is situated in the North eastern area of America? Did you know that it is the 11th state of the U.S. constitution? Read our fact sheet for more information and learn interesting new facts about this amazing U.S. state.

Picture of the State flag of New York
Fun facts about the New York would not be complete without a picture of the state flag! Watch the video; its a fun and easy way for kids and children of all ages to learn interesting new facts and ideal for fast homework help.

a picture of the state flag of New York

The State Flag of New York

A picture of The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty

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Fact Sheet on New York
Fun Facts on New York for kids

Fun Fact 1

The name New York originated in 1664 when King Charles II of England, granted the region to his brother who was the Duke of York and Albany

Fun Fact 2

New York State has 62 counties. The Capital city is Albany

Fun Fact 3

New York City is an area in New York State, hence the familiar song and phrase 'New York, New York'

Fun Fact 4

The three Largest Cities in the State of New York are New York City, Buffalo and Rochester

Fun Fact 5

Size Facts! This U.S. state is the 27th largest in size and covers 54475 square miles (or 141090 square kilometres)

Fun Fact 6

There are five states that border the state they are; Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Vermont, Connecticut and Massachusetts

Fun Fact 7

The state nickname is The Empire State

Fun Fact 8

Flag Facts! The sate flag depicts a detailed coat of arms on a blue background. The middle shield shows the sun rising over the Hudson highlands and the boats and ships upon the Hudson River. The Eagle on the globe above signifies the Western Hemisphere. The state motto "Excelsior" is at the base of the flag on a white ribbon, the Latin word translates to mean "ever upward".  The Goddess Liberty strand to the left, she represents freedom, at her feet lays a crown which symbolizes the freedom from England after the revolutionary war. To the right wearing a blindfold and carrying scales is the goddess Justice, she represents equality, fairness and righteousness

Fun Fact 9

The official State Song is "I love New York" the words of the song and music are by Steve Karmen

Fun Fact 10

New York was initially explored by Frenchman Samuel de Champlain and Englishman Henry Hudson. It was claimed by the Dutch in 1624 but fell to the English under treaty agreement after the Anglo Dutch war, 1664-1667

Fun Fact 11

The Brooklyn Bridge in New York City is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States. It opened in 1883 it cost $15.5 million to build, it measures 5,989 feet long (1825m) and at the time was longest suspension bridge in the world

Fun Fact 12

The Statue of Liberty stands on Liberty Island - a gift to the US from the people of France. The robed female represents 'Libertas' the Roman Goddess of Freedom; she holds a torch and a tablet inscribed with the date of the American Declaration of independence, July 4th 1776

Fun Fact 13

Fifth Avenue in New York City is known as possibly 'The' most famous shopping street in the world, and many prestigious stores can be found here including, Tiffany & Co, Bergdorf Goodman, FAO Schwartz, Saks, Prada, Louis Vuitton and Versace. It is ranked as one of the most expensive shopping streets in the world

Fun Fact 14

The State Animal is the Beaver; the State Bird Emblem is the Bluebird

Fun Fact 15

The New York state flower is the Rose, and the state tree is the Sugar Maple

Fact Sheet on New York
Fun Facts on New York for kids

Fun Facts on New York

Fun Facts on New York for Kids

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