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Fun Facts on Utah for Kids
Discover fast, interesting fun facts on Utah for kids with some exciting, cool and quick information. Ideal for children, homework, schools, student's teachers and kids of all ages! Enjoy our fast, fun facts for kids each of the American States in a useful fact file format with free pictures and photos. Enjoy learning fast fun facts for kids with a funny video on every page to make the learning process easy, entertaining and great fun - ideal for fast homework help
. Find out answers to these questions: What is the Capital of Utah? Where is Utah? What does the flag of Utah look like? Which state of America is Utah? What is the history of Utah? Where is Great Salt Lake is situated? Remember to watch our fun video and enjoy learning about each of the U.S. States the quick and easy way!

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Did you know that the state of Utah is situated in the Western region of America? Did you know that there are 29 counties in the U.S. state of Utah? Did you know that Utah is the 45th state of the U.S. constitution? Read our facts sheet to find out more information about this amazing U.S. State, our cool fun facts sheet will give you fast information to help you increase your knowledge quickly

Picture of the State Flag of Utah
Fun facts about the Utah would not be complete without a picture of the state flag! Watch the entertaining free fun video, its fun for kids and children of all ages and ideal for fun homework help.

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The State Flag of Utah

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Utah on US State Map

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Fact Sheet on Utah
Fun Facts on Utah for kids

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The name Utah is believed to have originated from the indigenous Ute tribe; the word Ute means "Land of the sun"

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The Utah state flag is a field of dark blue with an image of the state seal centrally placed within a golden circle. The Utah state seal is an image displaying the following elements; a shield depicting a beehive - which represents hard work, and sego lilies - which represent peace, the state motto - industry, and the date 1847 - the year that Religious leader Brigham Young and his Mormon movement settled in the region. The shield is flanked by two U.S. flags; an American bald eagle sits above with its wings spread. The date 1896 is positioned at the base of the seal; it is the date that Utah joined the U.S. constitution

Fun Fact 3

The Capital city of Utah is Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City was founded in 1847 and originally named "Great Salt Lake City" however the word "great" was removed in 1868, the name Salt Lake City is often abbreviated to SLC

Fun Fact 4

The area of Utah State covers 219,887 square kilometers or 84,899 square miles

Fun Fact 5

There are six states that border Utah they are; Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, and Wyoming

Fun Fact 6

The Utah state nickname is "The Beehive State". The Bee is also the official state symbol and represents endeavour and perseverance

Fun Fact 7

Utah is one of four states in the US that share a common geographic point that is called the four corners. The other three states that form this region are Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. If you stood at the four corners intersection you would be standing in four states at once. This area is also known as the heart of the American Southwest

Fun Fact 8

The official State Song is called "Utah, This is the Place" written by Sam and Gary Francis In 1996, to celebrate Utah's centennial years the song was officially adopted in 2003. The pervious state song "Utah, We Love Thee" by Evan Stephens then became the new official state hymn

Fun Fact 9

The three largest cities in Utah are Salt Lake City, West Valley and City Provo

Fun Fact 10

The State Motto is "Industry"

Fun Fact 11

A brief history of Utah; the Spanish were the first Europeans to explore the region in 1540. Religious leader Brigham Young and his Mormon movement settled in the region in 1847. Utah became the 45th State to be admitted to the Union on January 4, 1896

Fun Fact 12

The abbreviation letters / Postal Code abbreviation for the state of Utah is - UT

Fun Fact 13

UT state symbols include; UT animal symbol - the Rock Mountain Elk. UT state bird symbol - the California Gull. UT state flower symbol - the Sego Lily. UT state insect emblem - the Honeybee. UT State tree - the Blue Spruce

Fun Fact 14

The Great Salt Lake is situated in the northern region of Utah. Great Salt Lake is 120 km (75 miles) long and 45 km (28 miles) wide; it covers more than 4,047 square km (one million acres). Great Salt Lake is the biggest salt water lake in the whole of the Western Hemisphere and the fourth largest basin lake (endorheic - has no outlet) in the world

Fun Fact 15

The US Department of Commerce Census Bureau states that the Population of Utah in 2012 was an estimated 2,855,287. This compares to a population of 276,749 filed on census from the year 1900

Fact Sheet on Utah
Fun Facts on Utah for kids

Fun Facts on Utah

Fun Facts on Utah for Kids

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