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Fun Facts on Virginia for Kids
Learn fascinating fast, fun facts about the State of Virginia, great fun for kids with some amazing, cool and quick information. Ideal for students, children, schools, teachers and kids of all ages - ideal for homework help! Enjoy our fast, fun facts in a useful fact file format with pictures, maps and a funny video on every page to make the learning process easy, entertaining and great fun! "
Fun facts for kids" facts sheets include free pictures, photos and videos on each of the American States. Find out answers to these questions: What is the Capital of Virginia? Where is Virginia? What does the state flag look like? Where did the "Virginia is for Lovers" slogan originate? What is the history of Virginia? What is the state flower? Watch our fun video and enjoy learning about the State of Virginia the fun way!

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Did you know that the state of Virginia is situated in the Mid-Atlantic region of America? Did you know that there are 95 counties in the U.S. state of Virginia plus 39 independent cities? Did you know that Virginia is the 10th state of the U.S. constitution? Read our facts sheet to learn more fast facts and information about this interesting American State. Increase your knowledge on each of the U.S. States, and watch the unique fun video on every page

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Fun facts about the Virginia would not be complete without a picture of the state flag! Our selection of trivia and interesting facts about Virginia which will be helpful to students, teachers and kids of all ages!

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The State Flag of Virginia

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Fact Sheet on Virginia
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The name Virginia originated as a tribute to English Queen Elizabeth I, she was also known as the "Virgin Queen" as she was never married

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The state flag is a field of blue with the state seal centrally located. The State seal displays an image of a female figure of peace called Virtus, standing over a male figure in a pose of victory. The male figure has lost his crown; he is holding a whip and a broken chain. The image symbolizes the defeat from British rule, the release of power from the British Monarchy and acts of punishment. Below the image is the state motto in Latin "Sic Semper Tyrannis" translated it reads "Thus Always to Tyrants". The image is surrounded by a wreath of foliage entwined with Red Virginia Creepers

Fun Fact 3

The Capital city of Virginia is Richmond. Richmond is not part of any county - it is an independent city. Richmond has been the Capital City of Virginia since 1780

Fun Fact 4

The area of the State covers 110,785.67 square kilometers or 42,774.2 square miles

Fun Fact 5

There are five states that border Virginia they are; Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia

Fun Fact 6

The state nickname is "The Old Dominion State"; the nickname was given by English King Charles II, in reference to loyalties to the crown during the English Civil War

Fun Fact 7

The official State Song is called "Carry Me Back to Old Virginia" written by James A. Bland, the song was officially adopted in 1940

Fun Fact 8

The three largest cities in Virginia are Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake

Fun Fact 9

The State Motto is "Sic Semper Tyrannis". The State Motto is Latin translated it reads "Thus Always to Tyrants"

Fun Fact 10

A brief history of Virginia - The region was explored by Europeans during the 16th century and first colonised by the British in 1607. Between 1699 -1780 Williamsburg was capital of the colony. On May 15, 1776 Virginia declared independence from the British Empire and British rule. Virginia became the 10th State to be admitted to the Union on June 25, 1788

Fun Fact 11

The abbreviation letters for the state of Virginia are - Va. The Postal Code abbreviation is - VA

Fun Fact 12

VA state symbols include; VA state flower symbol - the American Dogwood. VA state bird symbol - the Cardinal. VA state insect emblem - the Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly. VA State tree - the Dogwood

Fun Fact 13

The "Virginia is for Lovers" slogan originated in 1969; the slogan was penned by a copywriter working for an advertising agency promoting Virginia Tourism. The "Virginia is for Lovers" slogan first appeared in "Modern Bride" magazine in 1969; it is now widely used and recognised

Fun Fact 14

The weather in Virginia is very mild; there are four distinctive seasons, and five different climate regions. The different climate regions offers the opportunities to do a range of sports on the same day - including skiing on the mountain snow, water sports at the parks and beaches and playing golf on the warm sunny greens. In the summer the temperatures generally range between 60F - 85F depending on the climate region

Fun Fact 15

The US Department of Commerce Census Bureau states that the Population of Virginia in 2012 was an estimated 8,185,867. This compares to a population of 1,854,184 filed on census from the year 1900

Fact Sheet on Virginia
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Fun Facts on Virginia

Fun Facts on Virginia for Kids

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