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Fun Facts on Bats for Kids
Discover fast, interesting fun facts about the Bat, great for kids to learn some amazing, cool and quick information. Ideal for children, homework, schools, teachers and kids of all ages! Enjoy our fast, fun facts for kids about the Bat in a useful fact file format with a fact sheet. Fast fun facts for kids with a funny video on every page to make the learning process easy, funny and great fun! Fast fun facts for kids with free pictures and photos - ideal for fast homework help
. Find out answers to questions like: How big is the largest colony of bats? Do Vampire bats exist? What is echolocation? What does the bat represent to native Americans? How to bats hang upside down for so long? Watch our fun video to enjoy learning all about the Bat the simple easy way!

Did You Know?
Did you know? The definition of Bats is a nocturnal flying mammal that has membrane wings, they navigate and hunt for prey using echolocation. Did you know that the name for a group of Bats is a colony? Did you know that the scientific name for a Bat is Chiroptera?

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Fun facts about the Bats would not be complete without pictures of Bats! Watch the video, its fun for kids and children of all ages and ideal for homework help.

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Fact Sheet on Bats
Fun Facts on Bats for kids

Fun Fact 1

Bats live in every continent except the Arctic, there are approximately 1,000 different species of Bats

Fun Fact 2

The smallest bat lives in Central Africa, it is just 4 cm (1.5 inches) long and has a wingspan of 12.5 cm (about 5 inches)

Fun Fact 3

The largest bat lives in Java, Indonesia it is 42 cm (16.7 inches) long and has a wingspan of 140 cm (about 5 ft)

Fun Fact 4

The scientific name for a Bat is Chiroptera which when translated means hand wing.  Bats are the only mammal that can in fact fly

Fun Fact 5

The Bat is a nocturnal mammal, which mean they only come out when it's dark. They can see and hunt their prey in the dark using echolocation. Echolocation is when the high pitched sounds that a bat creates are echoed, this enables them to make a mental map of distance and barriers

Fun Fact 6

Bats have large ears and exception hearing. The inner ear area is ridged, which ensures that Echolocation signals are received effectively, the ears are so sensitive they can even pick up on the flutter of moth wings

Fun Fact 7

Bats live in groups, and their usual habitat is inside caves, trees, or buildings. The largest know colony of bats live in the Bracken Cave's of Texas, during the summer it is home to an estimated 20 million bats!

Fun Fact 8

Vampire bats DO exist. They live in South America and feed on the blood from animals including birds, cattle, horses and pigs

Fun Fact 9

A bat can hang upside down for as long as it likes, it's toes curl around and lock into place, it uses no muscles or energy so a bat can remain upside and sleep for hours

Fun Fact 10

When a newborn bat is just 2-3 weeks hold it is expected to fly and hunt for itself

Fun Fact 11

Wind turbines are a modern threat to bats and are affected by them more than birds are, although studies are continuing it has been suggested that they are attracted to the structures as a possible nesting home, and that their lungs can't cope with the change in wind pressures

Fun Fact 12

In many cultures bats are associated with mythology, spirits and witchcraft. Some Native Americans consider the bat as a trickster spirit

Fun Fact 13

Bat wings are very different to birds wings, as the bone structure and finger bones are not the same, this means bats are more flexible and can fly more accurately than birds

Fun Fact 14

In 2003, a bat fossil was found in Wyoming, U.S.A. It dates back to over 52 million years ago

Fun Fact 15

All bats are nocturnal with the exception of the large fruit eating bat from South American, called the Flying fox, this sub order of the bat family is also the largest

Fact Sheet on Bats
Fun Facts on Bats for kids

Fun Facts on Bats

Fun Facts on Bats for Kids

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