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Fun Facts about Chaka Khan for Kids
Discover fast, interesting fun facts about Chaka Khan and learn some amazing, cool and quick information about this famous American woman who is a successful singer and songwriter, nicknamed the Queen of Funk. Find out who her brothers and sisters are and information about the musical achievements they have experienced.

Check out our fun facts to find out about the different types of instruments that this talented lady can play. Find out more information about the band Rufus and how she became a member. Discover the titles of her best-selling songs and learn about the different types of awards that she has been nominated for during her music career.

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Did you know that Chaka Khan has a sister known by the stage name Taka Boom? Did you know that Chaka Khan is the eldest of five children? Did you know that this famous American woman formed her own girl group at the age of eleven? Discover lots of fun facts about Chaka Khan below.

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Chaka Khan was born in Illinois image
Chaka Khan was born in Illinois
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Multi Grammy Award Winner
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Facts Sheet about Chaka Khan
Fun Facts about Chaka Khan for kids

Fun Fact 1

Chaka Khan was born on March 23rd, 1953 in Chicago, Illinois in the United States of America.

Fun Fact 2

Chaka Khan is not the artist's real name. This is a stage name which derived from her marriage to Hassan Khan. Her real birth name is Yvette Marie Stevens.

Fun Fact 3

Chaka Khan is a successful American singer and songwriter. Her success in the music industry has given her the nickname the 'Queen of Funk'.

Fun Fact 4

Chaka Khan has four siblings. One of her sisters is known in the music business as 'Taka Boom' and she is also a successful musician. Her only brother formed a soul group called 'Aurra' and achieved success, particularly during the 1980s.

Fun Fact 5

Chaka Khan formed a girl band when she was eleven called the Crystalettes. She later became a member of various local bands until she was spotted by a new group called 'Rufus' which won her a place amongst them.

Fun Fact 6

In 1974, Rufus had a break through with a song called 'Tell Me Something Good'. This song achieved the group their first Grammy Award. The single was soon followed by another successful hit called 'You Got The Love'.

Fun Fact 7

Rufus released an album called 'Rags to Rufus' which went platinum. By 1979, the group had released 6 albums which all went platinum - they were incredibly successful.

Fun Fact 8

Chaka Khan is multi-talented, besides being a fantastic vocalist; she can also play a number of instruments including the drums, bass and percussion.

Fun Fact 9

Chaka Khan eventually decided to go solo and released her solo debut album in 1978. The album went platinum. It was helped by the success of the featured single 'I'm Every Woman'.

Fun Fact 10

Chaka Khan reunited with Rusus for a time. The groups final success was the release of a very well known song called 'Ain't Nobody'. The song reached number 22 on the Billboard Hot 100 and it was a top ten hit in the UK.

Fun Fact 11

Chaka Khan married Hassan Khan in 1970, they split up and she went on to re-marry in 1976 to Richard Holland.

Fun Fact 12

Chaka Khan has two children; she has a son called Damien Holland and a daughter called Indira Milini.

Fun Fact 13

Chaka Khan has faced problematic times as she has battled against drug and alcohol addictions.

Fun Fact 14

Chaka Khan has been credited with ten Grammy Awards including two from her days with the band Rufus. In total, she has received twenty-two Grammy Award nominations.

Fun Fact 15

Chaka Khan is estimated to have sold around 70 million records worldwide.

Facts Sheet about Chaka Khan
Fun Facts on Chaka Khan for kids

Fun Facts about Chaka Khan

Fun Facts on Chaka Khan for Kids

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