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Fun Facts about Denzel Washington for Kids
Discover fast, interesting fun facts and trivia about the American actor Denzel Washington. Kids of all ages will love our facts sheet filled with amazing, cool and quick information about this fabulous American movie star whose outstanding achievements have been credited by numerous awards including two Academy Awards. Learn new interesting facts about this famous American man who is not just a fabulous actor and movie star but also a successful film director.
Check out our fun facts and accurate information about the life and career of Denzel Washington including the titles of big hit movies that he has appeared in, how old he is, how many children he has, who he is married to and how he likes to perform all his own stunts!

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Did you know that this famous America movie actor was born in New York? Did you know that he attended university? Do you know what his nickname is and which horoscope star sign he belongs to? Find the answers to all these interesting questions on our facts file below.

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Fact Sheet about Denzel Washington
Fun Facts about Denzel Washington for kids

Fun Fact 1

Denzel Washington was born on December 28th, 1954, in Mount Vernon, New York, USA. His star sign is Capricorn.

Fun Fact 2

He is famous American movie star, actor and film director. Some of his outstanding achievements include being the first American to receive two Academy Awards.

Fun Fact 3

His full name is Denzel Hayes Washington Jr. which is sometimes shortened to his nickname D.

Fun Fact 4

At the age of 14, Denzel's parents marriage broke down, his father was a Pentecostal Minister and his mother was a shop owner. When their marriage ended, Denzel and his sister were sent to boarding school.

Fun Fact 5

Denzel studied at Fordham University, his main subject was journalism, he received a BA in 1977. His love for acting developed whilst studying at the university.

Fun Fact 6

Denzel Washington and his sister attended Oakland Military Academy in New York. Many of Denzel's classmates ended up spending time in prison whilst Denzel remained focused on his career.

Fun Fact 7

Denzel Washington is married to Pauletta Pearson, they wed in 1983 and renewed their vows recently. Archbishop Desmond Tutu provided the service. They have 4 children together; their names are John, Katrina, Olivia and Malcolm. Olivia and Malcolm are twins.

Fun Fact 8

Denzel Washington is a devoted Christian, he reads the Bible daily and he sometimes says that he is meant to be a preacher.

Fun Fact 9

Before becoming an actor, Denzel Washington had various jobs in all kinds of trades including a position as a drama instructor, working in a factory, post office and a barber shop.

Fun Fact 10

Denzel Washington has worked on Broadway on and off during his career, he won a Tony Award for the Best Actor in a play for 'Faces' in 2010.

Fun Fact 11

Denzel first debuted in a comedy movie called 'Carbon Copy'. He also appeared in 137 episodes of a medical series called 'St Elsewhere' from 1982-1988.

Fun Fact 12

Denzel Washington has won Academy Awards for some of his acting achievements including 'Glory' in 1989 and 'Training Day' in 2001.

Fun Fact 13

Denzel broke his little finger on his right hand when he was a child, he never had it corrected and it is still bent today.

Fun Fact 14

In the movie 'Book of Eli', Denzel Washington performed his own stunts. He doesn't like to use a stunt double like many other actors.

Fun Fact 15

In 1995 Denzel Washington donated $1 million dollars to the Nelson Mandela Children Fund.

Fact Sheet about Denzel Washington
Fun Facts about Denzel Washington for kids

Fun Facts about Denzel Washington

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