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Forest Whitaker

Fun Facts on Forest Whitaker for Kids
Discover fast, interesting facts and trivia about Forest Whitaker and learn some amazing, cool and quick information about this fabulous American movie and television star who has been credited with many awards for his remarkable acting achievements including a Golden Globe, Grammy Awards and BAFTA Awards.

Check out our cool facts and accurate information about the life and career of Denzel Washington including who he is married to, how his career in acting began the titles of some of the most famous hit movies that he has either starred in or directed. Find out more information about this black American actor who has also appeared in many TV shows.

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Did you know that this famous America movie actor also starred in TV shows including The Twilight Zone? Did you know that he has also directed and produced films? Read our interesting and fun facts to find out more information about this black American movies star.

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Born in Longview, Texas
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Black belt in Kenpō
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Fact Sheet on Forest Whitaker
Fun Facts on Forest Whitaker for kids

Fun Fact 1

Forest Steven Whitaker III was born July 15th, 1961 in Longview, Texas in the United States of America.

Fun Fact 2

He is a very successful and famous American actor, producer and director of movies.

Fun Fact 3

Forest Whitaker has a very successful acting career; he has starred in big hit movies such as The Last King of Scotland, Zulu, The Crying Game and The Butler.

Fun Fact 4

Forest Whitaker achieved various awards for his outstanding achievements for his role in The Last King of Scotland which was a movie released in 2006. He received a Golden Globe, an Academy Award and a BAFTA.

Fun Fact 5

Forest Whitaker has three siblings; he has two younger brothers and an older sister. Their names are Kenn, Damon and Deborah.

Fun Fact 6

Forest Whitaker's first acting role was in Dylan Thomas' play called 'Under Milk Wood'. He played the lead part in this play.

Fun Fact 7

Forest Whitaker is also a musically talented. He studied opera as a tenor at the University of Southern California.

Fun Fact 8

Forest Whitaker has starred alongside many famous actors including Tom Cruise, Robin Williams, Sean Penn and Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Fun Fact 9

As well as starring in many movies, Forest Whitaker has also worked in television. He appeared in television shows - the list includes; Diff'rent Strokes and Amazing Stories. He has starred in TV films such as The Enemy Within and Criminal Justice. He has also appeared in other TV productions including The Twilight Zone.

Fun Fact 10

Forest Whitaker has appeared on a music video, alongside Jamie Foxx, for T.I. (Tip), an American hip hop recording artist.

Fun Fact 11

During the 1990s, Forest Whitaker began directing and producing films. Some of the titles of the movies he has directed or co-directed/produced include A Rage in Harlem, Waiting to Exhale, Hope Floats and Fruitvale Station.

Fun Fact 12

Forest Whitaker was awarded 'Hollywood Actor of the Year Award' in 2007 by the 10th Annual Hollywood Film Festival. They described him as being 'one of Hollywood's most accomplished actors'.

Fun Fact 13

Does he have an eye problem? Forest Whitaker has a ptosis in his left eye which looks like a lazy eye as it has a drooping effect on his eyelid.

Fun Fact 14

Forest Whitaker is marred to Keisha Nash. They met when they worked together on the 1994 movie 'Blown Away'. The couple married in 1996.

Fun Fact 15

Forest Whitaker has a black belt in kenpō which is a name used to describe several Japanese martial arts. He also enjoys yoga.

Fact Sheet on Forest Whitaker
Fun Facts on Forest Whitaker for kids

Fun Facts on Forest Whitaker

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