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James Brown

Fun Facts about James Brown for Kids
Discover fast, interesting fun facts about James Brown for kids with some amazing, cool and quick information about this fabulous American singer who developed and inspired a new kind of music known as funk music. Find out why this musical star was nicknamed the God of Soul and how he impacted the history of music.

Check out our interesting facts and accurate information about the life, career and talents of James Brown. Learn important facts such as how many different types of instruments this male artist could play, how he called for peace after the assassination of Martin Luther King and how he touched the hearts of his global fans with his musical achievements.

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Did you know that James Brown was musically inspired by gospel music and that his career began as a gospel singer? Do you know what some of his most famous songs are called? Do you know how old he was when he passed away? Find out interesting facts and info about this American artists outstanding musical talent.

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Born in South Carolina
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The Godfather of Soul
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Facts about James Brown for kids

Fun Fact 1

James Brown was born on May 3rd, 1933 in South Carolina, United States of America. His middle name was Joseph.

Fun Fact 2

James Brown's parents were African-Americans, his mother was called Susie and his father was Joseph Gardner Brown, more commonly known as Joe.

Fun Fact 3

James Brown had a difficult childhood. He was brought up by his Aunt in Georgia and he quit school when he was 12 years old. Following a stretch in a state corrective institution for petty theft, he finally found his pathway into the music business.

Fun Fact 4

James Brown began his career as a gospel singer and later joined an R&B group known initially as 'The Avons' and later 'The Famous Flames'. His career at this point was influenced by gospel pianist, Bobby Byrd.

Fun Fact 5

James Brown's first recording was called 'Please, Please, Please' which was recorded in 1955 at Macon, Georgia radio station.

Fun Fact 6

The 1960s produced great musical success for James Brown with the release of hit songs such as 'This is a Man's Man's Man's World' which received worldwide success and is still played today!

Fun Fact 7

James Brown was one of the founders of funk music which was developed during the 1960s and derived from a mixture of soul, R&B and jazz music, and had a blend of rhythm and dance mixed in. This new type of music was founded by African-American musicians and consisted of rhythm instruments such as the drums, electric bass and guitar, and the organ.

Fun Fact 8

James Brown's success in the music business and development of soul music earned him the nickname 'The Godfather of Soul'.

Fun Fact 9

James Brown was musically gifted in many ways. He could play several instruments including the percussion, organ and drums.

Fun Fact 10

James Brown produced 92 Hot 100 Hits between 1958 and 1986. Out of these 92 hits, only seven of them made it into the top ten. These songs include Papa's Got a Brand New Bag, I Got You, It's a Man's Man's Man's World, Cold Sweat, I Got The Feelin', Say It Loud, and Living In America.

Fun Fact 11

James Brown held a concert in the late 1960s at the Great Western Forum in Inglewood. The concert was a sell-out and so Los Angeles declared 'James Brown Day' on July 23rd, 1969 in honor of the star!

Fun Fact 12

One of the greatest live albums ever released was James Brown's 'Live at the Apollo' which was recorded on October 24th, 1962. Although this wasn't his best-selling album of all time, it was one of his earlier albums and it was undoubtedly a huge success for the star.

Fun Fact 13

The artist's best-selling album of all time was '20 All-Time Greatest Hits' which was launched in 1991 - almost four decades after the release of his first song 'Please, Please, Please'.

Fun Fact 14

James Brown made an appeal for peace on national television following the assassination of Martin Luther King. Riots had broken out in thirty cities across the United States and James made a plea for calm and rational behavior. He was later commended for his efforts by Vice-President Hubert H. Humphrey.

Fun Fact 15

James Brown passed away on December 25th, 2006 at the age of 73. His legend lives on and he is recognized across the world for his songs, the development of funk and his outstanding musical talent.

Fact Sheet about James Brown
Facts about James Brown for kids

Facts about James Brown

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