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Fun Facts about Michael Jackson for Kids
Discover fast, interesting Fun Facts about Michael Jackson for kids with some amazing, cool and quick information about the life of this famous black American pop star which began when he was just a small child. Learn some interesting facts about this American singer/songwriter and how his career in the music business started.

Check out our interesting facts and accurate information about the global achievements of this male artist who maintains a massive fan base throughout countries across the world. Find out information about his best-selling albums, biggest hit songs, music videos and how his unique talents influenced the music business so strongly.

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Do you know the name of the band which Michael Jackson first became part of? Did you know the names of his brothers and sisters? Did you know that the video to his hit song 'Thriller' was fourteen minutes long! Find out more cool facts about this musical legend that became a global success.

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Fun facts about Michael Jackson would not be complete without some pictures relating to his career and life! Read our facts sheets about other famous black American musicians; they are ideal for kids and children of all ages and ideal for homework help and school study.

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Home was Neverland in California
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Facts about Michael Jackson for kids

Fun Fact 1

Michael Jackson was an American singer and songwriter. He is a global sensation who is famous for his long-standing success in the music business.

Fun Fact 2

Michael Jackson was born on 29th August, 1958. He is often referred to as the 'King of Pop'.

Fun Fact 3

Michael Jackson was a child star, he was the eighth youngest in his family and had nine brothers and sisters. He was part of the 'Jackson 5' group which began in 1964. The band members consisted of five Jackson brothers - Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael.

Fun Fact 4

Some of the most famous Jackson 5 hits include ABC and I'll Be There. These songs maintain so much global success that they are still frequently played and downloaded across the world.

Fun Fact 5

Michael Jackson began his solo career in 1971. He achieved worldwide success with numerous hit songs and number ones across the world.

Fun Fact 6

Michael Jackson's parents were Katherine Esther Scruse and Joseph Walter 'Joe' Jackson. His mother was a dedicated Jehovah's Witness and his father was a former box and steelworker.

Fun Fact 7

Michael Jackson had a strict and very disciplined childhood. His relationship with his father was a difficult one and Michael spoke openly about this during his later years.

Fun Fact 8

Michael Jackson is remembered for his legacy of hit songs and music videos which changed the history of music throughout the world. Such songs and music videos like 'Thriller' which was released in 1982. This fantastic production was 14 minutes long! The 'Thriller' album which followed in 1983 was the best-selling album of that year worldwide!

Fun Fact 9

Michael Jackson was a global sensation who was awarded and credited for his position in the music business, achieving countless Grammys and music awards.

Fun Fact 10

Michael Jackson has three children, there names are Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr. (born 1997), Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson (the star's only daughter born in 1998), and Prince Michael Jackson II (his youngest child, born 2002).

Fun Fact 11

The home of Michael Jackson from 1988 to 2005 was the Neverland Ranch in California. It was named by the star after the fantasy island in the tale of Peter Pan. Neverland provided a home as well as an amusement park which included bumper cars, rides, arcades and all sorts of theme park based entertainment.

Fun Fact 12

Michael Jackson wasn't just a singer and songwriter. He was also an incredible dancer. He was famous for the moonwalk which features a clever illusion of the dancer appearing to move backwards whilst attempting to move forwards. This move was introduced during a performance of 'Billie Jean' in 1983.

Fun Fact 13

Michael Jackson passed away on 25th June, 2009 leaving his family, friends and fans across the world grief stricken. Many celebrities attended his memorial on 7th July, 2009 with many performing in honor of the star.

Fun Fact 14

Michael Jackson continues to sell records across the world. In the year of his death, 2009, he became the best selling albums artist with over 8.2 million album sales in the United States alone!

Fun Fact 15

Michael Jackson was famous for the production of various types of music including soul, R&B and pop. His global success has continued for more than 50 years!

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Facts about Michael Jackson for kids

Facts about Michael Jackson

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