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Fun Facts about R.Kelly for Kids
Our facts sheets are packed with information about the talented musician R.Kelly. They are especially compiled for kids and contain lots of amazing news and information about the musical talents of this famous American R&B and Soul singer who is recognised across the world for his fantastic hit songs and music talents. This fabulous star is also a songwriter. He has written some massive hits including Michael Jackson's last number one song 'You Are Not Alone'. R.Kelly loved music as a child. He was raised by his mother who was a Baptist and he sang in the church choir when he was young. Read our facts sheet to discover more interesting facts about this talented male artist including how he started his career in music.

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Did you know that this famous American singer wanted to be a basketball player when he was growing up? Did you know that he has three children? Do you know what his middle name is and what the letter R stands for? Check out our interesting facts for kids below.

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Born in Chicago Illinois
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A talented basketball player
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Fact Sheet on R.Kelly
Fun Facts about R.Kelly for kids

Fun Fact 1

Robert Sylvester Kelly was born January 8th, 1967. He is known as R.Kelly for short. He is a famous American singer, record producer, rapper and songwriter.

Fun Fact 2

R.Kelly was born in Chicago, Illinois in the United States of America. He was also raised in Chicago, by his mother Joanne who was a Baptist and singer.

Fun Fact 3

R.Kelly's musical talents developed when he was young. At the age of eight, he started singing in the church choir.

Fun Fact 4

R.Kelly had a love for basketball and he was very good at it. However, his music teacher encouraged him to leave the team so that he could pursue a path in music. Although, at first, he was very unhappy to leave, he did so and entered a talent show at school in which he gave a great performance.

Fun Fact 5

R.Kelly's love of basketball played a big part in his childhood. He played with the famous Ben Wilson in the school basketball team. Ben sadly passed away and R.Kelly sang 'It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday' at his funeral.

Fun Fact 6

R.Kelly formed a group with three of his friends. The group were called MGM which stands for Musically Gifted Men. They released a single in 1990 called 'Why You Wanna Play Me'.

Fun Fact 7

R.Kelly joined another group called Public Announcement in 1991 when he signed with Jive Records.

Fun Fact 8

In 1989, R.Kelly won a prize of $100,000 in a Talent TV contest on the Big Break Show. He entered the show along with his friends McWilliams, Walker and Brooks.

Fun Fact 9

In 1992, R.Kelly and Public Announcement (an American R&B group) released his debut album called Born into the 90's. The album included some excellent R&B hits such as Honey Love, She's Got That Vibe, Slow Dance and Dedicated.

Fun Fact 10

R.Kelly released his first solo album in 1993. It was called 12 Play and featured hit songs such as Bump N Grind, Your Body's Callin and Summer Bunnies.

Fun Fact 11

R.Kelly's fabulous song Bump N' Grind was released January 25th, 1994 and spent 12 weeks at number 1 on the Billboard Hot R&B Singles. This was his third number one hit song.

Fun Fact 12

R.Kelly has received many awards for his outstanding achievements in the music business. His first Grammy Award nominations were in 1995 for writing, producing and composing the famous song 'You Are Not Alone'. This fabulous song was the last number one hit by Michael Jackson.

Fun Fact 13

R.Kelly married a choreographer and dancer called Andrea Lee in 1996. The couple divorced in 2009. This was the star's second marriage. His first marriage was to Aaliyah 1994 to 1995.

Fun Fact 14

R.Kelly has two daughters and a son with Andrea Kelly. Their names are Joann, Jaya and Robert Jr. His last child, Robert, was born in 2002.

Fun Fact 15

R.Kelly is a religious man, he is a Christian and he attends church. He sang in his church choir as a child and his mother was a Baptist.

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Facts on R.Kelly for kids

Facts on R.Kelly

Facts on R.Kelly for Kids

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