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Fun Facts about Terrence Howard for Kids
Learn new and interesting information and facts about the American actor Terrence Howard with our cool facts sheets for kids. They offer some amazing, cool and quick trivia facts and snippets of information about this successful American actor who has appeared on popular television series such as Law & Order: LA and television films including The Jacksons and big hit movies such as Awake and Iron Man. Check out our interesting facts and accurate information about the black actor Terrence Howard including where he was raised and what he wanted to do as a career before becoming a movie star. Discover how he became an actor, who he is married to, how many children he has, the names of his biggest movie appearances and much, much more.

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Did you know that Terrence Howard is a successful television star as well as an outstanding movie star? Do you know that he was raised in Cleveland? Do you know when his first TV appearance was? Find out the answers to these interesting questions below.

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Terrencer Howard was born in illinois image
Born in Chicago, Illinois
Terence Howard science image
Studied to be a science teacher
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Fact Sheet about Terrence Howard
Facts about Terrence Howard for kids

Fun Fact 1

Terrence Howard's middle name is Dashon. He was born March 11th, 1969 in Chicago, Illinois in the United States of America.

Fun Fact 2

Terrence Howard is a highly successful actor, record producer and singer-songwriter. He has achieved worldwide fame and is most famous for starring in big hit movies and TV series.

Fun Fact 3

Terrence Howard was raised in Cleveland in Ohio. His parents were of African-American descent and their names were Tyrone and Anita. His grandmother and mother were both actresses.

Fun Fact 4

Terrence Howard wanted to be a teacher of science, he studied at Pratt Institute in New York. He left early without completing his studies as he auditioned for a role in The Cosby Show.

Fun Fact 5

Terrence Howard's first appearance was on a four hour broadcast called The Jacksons: An American Dream which was based on the Jackson Family. He played the part of Jackie Jackson.

Fun Fact 6

Terrence Howard's first successful movie role was in 1995 when he appeared as Louis Russ in Mr. Holland's Opus; an American drama film.

Fun Fact 7

Terrence Howard has featured on various music videos including Ashanti's 'Foolish' and Mary J. Blige's 'Be Without You'.

Fun Fact 8

Terrence Howard enjoys playing characters that 'teach him about himself'. He has played leading roles in many big hit movies.

Fun Fact 9

Terrence Howard doesn't only appear in movies. He also stars in television shows including the legal drama television series known as Law & Order: LA. The series is set in Los Angeles and Terrence plays Jonah "Joe" Dekker.

Fun Fact 10

Terrence Howard has been married four times. The first two marriages were to the same woman, Lori McCommas, whom he married in 1989 and 2005. His third marriage was to Michelle Ghent in 2010 and his fourth marriage was to Miranda Howard in 2013. Miranda became pregnant with his fourth child in 2014.

Fun Fact 11

Terrence Howard provided a voice role for the video game 'Iron Man' in 2008.

Fun Fact 12

Some of Terrence Howard's most famous television series appearances include his role as Johnny in Family Matters, Brendan King in Living Single, Joe in Law & Order: LA, and Billy in Hawaii Five-0.

Fun Fact 13

Some of Terrence Howard's most well known television film appearances include his role as Jackie Jackson in The Jacksons, Young A.C. in The O.J. Simpson Story, Cassius Clay in King of the World and Ralph Abernathy in Boycott.

Fun Fact 14

Terrence Howard provided a voice over for the Children's Walt Disney film 'The Princess and the Frog'. He was the voice of Tiana's father, James.

Fun Fact 15

Terrence Howard's first grandchild was born in December 2012 when his daughter, Aubrey, gave birth to her first child.

Fact Sheet about Terrence Howard
Facts about Terrence Howard for kids

Fun Facts about Terrence Howard

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