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Fun Facts on
Sound Energy

Fun Facts on Sound Energy for Kids
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Did You Know?
Do you know the definition of sound energy? Sound energy can be defined as the sound which comes from vibrations. Read our fact sheet for an in-depth description of the energy process.

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Fact Sheet on Sound Energy
Fun Facts on Sound Energy for kids

Fun Fact 1

When force is applied vibrations are produced, these vibrations create sound waves which can move through matter.

Fun Fact 2

The wave caused by vibration is called a sound wave.

Fun Fact 3

Sound waves travel through mediums before reaching the ears of animals and humans.

Fun Fact 4

To give you a better understanding of what sound waves move through, the word 'matter' can be defined as a physical substance which takes up space. For example, water or air.

Fun Fact 5

The hearing range for animals and humans differs. For example, humans hear sound at a lower frequency to dogs. Dogs have excellent hearing as they hear at a higher frequency which means they can hear sounds that humans cannot.

Fun Fact 6

Vibrations are created when force is applied. The amount of sound energy produced is typically less than other types of energy.

Fun Fact 7

Sound waves travel outwards from its source of production. This type of energy cannot travel without a medium such as air or water.

Fun Fact 8

What is the speed of sound? The speed of sound can vary depending upon the type of matter it is passing through, for example; gaseous, liquid or solid matter. However, to give you an idea of how fast sound energy can travel; it is approximately 1,230 kilometres per hour / 767 miles per hour.

Fun Fact 9

There are other influences which can affect the speed of sound energy, these may include temperature, velocity, density and pressure depending on the type of matter it is travelling through.

Fun Fact 10

The unit of measurement used to measure sound energy can vary. However, the intensity of sound is measured in decibel (dB).

Fun Fact 11

Sound energy travels much quicker through water than it does through air. This may come as a surprise but it travels around four times faster!

Fun Fact 12

Example of how sound energy travels: if you strike a drum, the force creates vibrations which produce sound energy. This energy moves through air particles. If people are present, the air particles will reach their ears, allowing them to hear the drum sound.

Fun Fact 13

Sound energy can also travel through solid matter. For example, if you are in a room and there are people talking in the room next to you, you will probably be able to hear them. You may not be able to hear exactly what they are saying, but you will probably hear some level of sound energy coming through the wall.

Fun Fact 14

Sound is very important to both humans and animals as it is provides one of our main senses. We communicate with one another via sound energy. It also helps us to avoid danger for example; listening for vehicles when crossing the road.

Fun Fact 15

Our eardrums allow us to hear sound energy as air particles collide with the ear drum, causing vibrations which the brain interprets as sound.

Fact Sheet on Sound Energy
Fun Facts on Sound Energy for kids

Fun Facts on Sound Energy

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