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Fun Facts on
Wind Energy

Fun Facts on Wind Energy for Kids
Check out our interesting facts and information about wind energy. Our facts sheets are especially written for kids and contain some amazing information and useful trivia about energy types and energy topics. The fact files will help to teach your kids interesting and cool facts about our planet. We answer questions in a simplified manner so that kids of all ages, from young to teens, can understand. Discover the answer to common questions such as; how is wind energy produced? How is the wind affected by the Sun, land, water and temperature? What type of energy can it be converted to? How it is generated? Discover the answers on our facts sheet, which provide a useful teaching tool and learning resource for schools and children.

Did You Know?
Did you know that the history of wind energy dates back many centuries? Early uses of this type of energy include pumping water with the use of watermills and grinding grain with the aid of windmills. Learn clear definitions about the subject of wind energy with our facts sheet - the information is fascinating and will encourage children ask questions and to want to learn more.

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Fun facts about the Wind Energy would not be complete without some pictures and images. Watching our entertaining video is fun for kids and children of all ages; its ideal for homework help, and learn new facts and information the quick and easy way.

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Fact Sheet on Wind Energy
Fun Facts on Wind Energy for kids

Fun Fact 1

What is the definition of wind? The easiest way to define and explain wind is to simply think of it as air which moves, or is in motion.

Fun Fact 2

How wind is created? The Sun heats the surface of Earth, heating different parts to different temperatures. The land will heat up quicker than water. The air above the land is hotter than it is above the ocean. Hot air rises, therefore, the air above the land will rise higher more quickly. When the air above the land rises, the air above the water moves in and takes its place.

Fun Fact 3

What is the wind cycle? The wind moves in different directions depending on the various temperatures across the Earth. During the day the air above the water will move across the land taking place of the air which has risen. However, the opposite happens at night as the temperature of the air above the land decreases more quickly than across the water.

Fun Fact 4

Atmospheric winds are similar to daily wind cycles; atmospheric winds are created around the Earth as the Sun will heat the land closer to the equator more quickly than the land nearer to the North and South Poles.

Fun Fact 5

The speed of the wind varies across the world and changes throughout the seasons. These variables affect the amount of energy which can be produced; as more wind at higher speeds will generate more energy.

Fun Fact 6

The main type of energy generated by the wind in modern day is electricity.

Fun Fact 7

Windmills, wind machines and turbines generate electricity from the wind. Turbine is the name given to the modern day windmill.

Fun Fact 8

Wind turbines vary in size, they usually have three blades and they are often huge in size; standing as tall as twenty or so buildings! The blades can move at great speed, at more than 200 miles per hour (320 kilometres per hour)!

Fun Fact 9

The power of the wind turns the blades on a turbine. The blades start to rotate at speed which turns a generator. The generator converts the energy into electricity.

Fun Fact 10

The electricity produced from the turbine generators is used to power many different things including homes and businesses.

Fun Fact 11

The turbine system is very clever as technology and computer systems allow us to control the direction of the blades so that they work in accordance to the direction of the wind.

Fun Fact 12

Is wind energy a renewable source? Yes, it is a renewable source; this means it will not run out. The temperature across the land and water will always differ, which means that wind will always be produced across the globe.

Fun Fact 13

Wind energy can be used in different ways to power things. For example, it can be used to move the sails on a boat giving it motion and allowing it to travel across water.

Fun Fact 14

Wind energy has been used for many, many years. It was used way back in time for various functions including pumping water and grinding grain.

Fun Fact 15

Wind farms (groups of turbines) can be set up on floating structures offshore. When they produce electricity, it can be generated to land via cables under the sea.

Fact Sheet on Wind Energy
Fun Facts on Wind Energy for kids

Fun Facts on Wind Energy

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