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Fun Facts on Blood for Kids
Discover fast, interesting fun facts with some amazing, cool facts and quick information written especially for kids. Our fun facts sheets are packed with information to increase your knowledge on the subject of the human body. Fun Facts topics about the human body include the brain, bones, skin, the heart and muscles. Learn all about the body and study new facts, trivia and information. Discover the answers to these interesting questions; how many blood groups are there? What is the composition of blood? What do blood cells do? How much blood is in my body? How do we stop bleeding? What is haemophilia? Our fun facts include interesting facts, trivia, cool information, pictures and a funny video to help make the learning process easy, entertaining and great fun!

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Did you know that your blood is filtered by your body around 300 times a day? Did you know that there are around 250 million red blood cells in just one drop of blood? And, did you know that the cornea in the eye is the only area of the human body that has no blood supply? Read our free facts sheet to discover amazing facts, information and cool trivia

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Our fun facts fact file blood would not be complete without some pictures! Watch the fun video, its cool for kids and children of all ages and ideal for students, teachers, homework help and home study - it's the quick and easy way to learn new information, fast!

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Fact Sheet on Blood
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Fun Fact 1

What is Blood? Blood is the red liquid that circulates through our bodies; mainly consisting of plasma and cells it provides our body with a constant supply of oxygen and nutrients

Fun Fact 2

What is the composition of blood? Blood composition consists of the following; plasma, red and white blood cells, platelets, carbon dioxide, glucose, hormones and proteins

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Plasma makes up around 55% of our blood; plasma is a watery fluid that carries the components of blood around our body

Fun Fact 4

Blood contains two types of cells: red blood cells and white blood cells. The red cells carry oxygen around the body and remove carbon dioxide, white cells help to fight infection and attack germs

Fun Fact 5

Platelets provide an important role; they help our blood to clot into a sticky consistency which prevents us from bleeding too much

Fun Fact 6

Blood is pumped around your body by your heart. Your heart is a big muscle situated to the left of the middle of your chest

Fun Fact 7

Blood travels around our bodies in tubes called arteries and veins. The arteries carry blood away from the heart and veins carry the blood back to the heart

Fun Fact 8

How many blood groups are there? There are for main blood groups they are: A, B, AB and O

Fun Fact 9

The most common blood group is group O; the least common group is AB

Fun Fact 10

How much blood is in my body? The amount of blood in a body varies according to the individual’s height and weight; as a guide about 8% of the human body weight is blood. On average there are around 3 - 4 litres in a 10-12 year old child and 5 - 6 litres in an adult

Fun Fact 11

You can feel your heart beat in the side of your wrist and to the side of your throat. The feel of your heart beat is called your pulse. Average pulse rates are 75-110 bpm (beats per minute) for a 7-12 year old child and 75-100 bpm for ages 12 and above

Fun Fact 12

Why does my heart sometimes beat faster? If you are excited or exercise your heart beats faster, this is because your heart needs to works harder and faster to get more oxygen to your muscles to help them to work effectively

Fun Fact 13

If all the blood vessels in a human body were laid out they would have a total length of around 97,000 km (60,000 miles); that's long enough to circle the world two and a half times!

Fun Fact 14

How do we stop bleeding? Your blood contains platelets which work like a clotting substance and turns blood into a sticky consistency. When you cut yourself your brain sends messages to the effected part of the body where the clotting and repairing process begins

Fun Fact 15

What is haemophilia? Someone who suffers from haemophilia is not able to clot their blood as effectively as other people. This means that they bleed for longer periods. Haemophilia can be very severe as sufferers can also bleed internally. People who suffer from haemophilia are called haemophiliacs

Fact Sheet on Blood
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