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Fun Facts on the Skeleton for Kids
What is a skeleton? What are the main parts of a skeleton? How many bones are in a skeleton? How many different types of bone are there? What is an axial skeleton? Discover the answers to these interesting questions and learn fast, interesting fun facts about the human body. Enjoy our fast, fun facts for kids about the skeleton compiled in a useful fact file format with a fact sheet, free pictures, and a cool funny video on every page which helps to retain knowledge and ensures that the learning process is easy, entertaining and great fun! Our fun fact sheets cover many topics about the human body including, the skeleton, bones, blood, the brain, heart, skin teeth and lungs - our fun facts are especially written for children, they are ideal for kids, students, schools, teachers and kids of all ages!

Did You Know?
Did you know that without our skeleton we would be a shapeless blob? Did you know that our skeleton is made up of five different types of bones? Did you know that there are 27 bones in the human hand? Read our fact sheet to discover interesting facts and trivia about the human skeleton, for more information about bones find our bone facts page

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Fun facts on the Skeleton would not be complete without some pictures! Can you use the image of the skeleton hand as a guide to feel the same bones in your own body? Watch the fun facts video, its cool for kids and children of all ages and ideal for homework help

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Fun Facts for KidsFun Facts on the Human Body

Fact Sheet on the Skeleton
Fun Facts on the Skeleton for kids

Fun Fact 1

What is a Skeleton? A Skeleton is the framework of our body. A total of 206 bones combine together to make our skeleton; without it we would be a shapeless blob!

Fun Fact 2

What are the main parts of a Skeleton? The human skeleton has two main parts the axial skeleton and the appendicular skeleton:

Fun Fact 3

The axial skeleton is the bones that make up the main body area. The axial skeleton is composed of 80 bones and includes the head, backbone and ribs; it protects the body's most important organs, the brain, heart, lungs and spinal cord

Fun Fact 4

The appendicular skeleton is the bones that make up the attaching limbs. The appendicular skeleton is composed of 126 bones including the pelvis, shoulders, arms and legs

Fun Fact 5

When bones come together they form a joint, this allows movement and flexibility. The names of joints include ball and socket, hinge, pivot and a saddle joint. The saddle joint is only found in the hands

Fun Fact 6

How many different types of human bone are there? The human skeleton is made up of five different types of bone: long, short, flat, irregular and sesamoid

Fun Fact 7

Examples of different types of bone; long - Humerus (arm) and Tibia (lower leg), Short - Carpals (hand) and Tarsals (foot), Flat - Scapula (shoulder blade) and Cranium (skull), Irregular - Vertebrae (spine) and Mandible (lower jaw), Sesamoid - bones that are usually short or irregular bones and imbedded in a tendon, a good example is the Patella (knee cap)

Fun Fact 8

What are bones made of? Bones are made of mineral salts, calcium, proteins, water and tissues - the tissues can be one of two types compact or cancellous

Fun Fact 9

Bones made with compact tissues are smooth and solid and cylindrical

Fun Fact 10

Bones made with cancellous tissues are also known as spongy bones, the internal structure is similar to honeycomb

Fun Fact 11

Bones are covered with a thin layer of blood vessels and nerves, some bigger bones contain a sticky fatty substance called bone marrow

Fun Fact 12

Bone marrow is the substance that produces blood cells; bone marrow can be found inside bones such as the femur, ribs, shoulders and skull

Fun Fact 13

Weight for weight bone is stronger than steel, in fact a steel bar measuring the same dimensions as a bone would weigh around four times heavier!

Fun Fact 14

A baby's skeleton is mainly made up of a bendy flexible tissue called cartilage, as the baby develops and grows the cartilage develops into hard bone

Fun Fact 15

The funny bone is not a bone it is a nerve! The ulnar nerve is situated inside your elbow, if it gets knocked it can cause a strange sensation, hence it's name - the funny bone

Fact Sheet on the Skeleton
Fun Facts on the Skeleton for kids

Fun Facts on the Skeleton

Fun Facts on the Skeleton for Kids

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