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Fun Facts on Teeth for Kids
Discover fast, interesting fun facts about the human body with some amazing, cool and quick facts and information. What are teeth? How many the teeth are in the human body? What parts make up the structure of a tooth? How many types of teeth do we have in our mouth? Ideal for children, homework, schools, teachers and kids of all ages our fast, fun facts sheets for kids are compiled in a useful fact file format and contain interesting fact sheets, pictures and a unique funny video on every page. Our fact sheets about the human body are packed full of useful information and unique trivia - ideal for kids, students, teachers and schools. Enjoy increasing your knowledge about the human body and learning new trivia and information about yourself

Did You Know?
Did you know that tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body? Did you know that the root accounts for 70% of a tooth's total length? Did you know that teeth are the only part of the human body that cannot repair itself? Discover more amazing facts about teeth by reading our fact file, it contains lots of cool information and interesting trivia

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Fun facts about the human body would not be complete without some pictures! Why not watch the fun facts video, its great for kids and children of all ages and ideal for homework help and study

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Fun Facts for KidsFun Facts on the Human Body

Fact Sheet on Teeth
Fun Facts on Teeth for kids

Fun Fact 1

What are teeth? Teeth can be described as small, hard, calcified, bony formations set in the jaw; they are used for biting and chewing

Fun Fact 2

How many the teeth are in the human body? Children over the age of six usually have 20 and most adults have 32 teeth

Fun Fact 3

What are the main parts of a tooth? The main parts of a tooth are the crown; the area that you can see, and the root; the area below the gum-line that you cannot see

Fun Fact 4

What parts make up the structure of a tooth? The structure of a tooth consists of four main parts; enamel, dentin, pulp and cementum

Fun Fact 5

The outer part of the tooth consists of a layer of tooth enamel; underneath is dentin (a bone like material) which covers the soft pulp, the nerve endings and blood vessels run through the pulp into the blood stream. The cementum covers the root of the tooth and attaches it to the jaw

Fun Fact 6

Before we are born our teeth have grown! Teeth buds start to grown 9-12 weeks into a baby's development when it is still in its mummy's tummy

Fun Fact 7

Most people are born with out teeth; it usually takes around 6 months for our teeth buds to push through the gums and become visible as baby teeth

Fun Fact 8

By the age of six most children have around 20 baby teeth, it is important to brush them and care for them in the right way!

Fun Fact 9

Teeth undergo a major change between the ages 6 -12; it is the time when baby teeth fall out to make room for stronger adult teeth. Some dentists call this period "mixed dentition"; the mouth has a mixture of baby teeth and big teeth

Fun Fact 10

How many types of teeth do we have in our mouth? We have four different types of teeth; incisors, canines, premolars and molars

Fun Fact 11

Incisors are the larger, flat teeth at the front of our mouth; they are designed for biting into food. Next to the incisors are the pointed canines; they are designed to tear food

Fun Fact 12

Molars are the big, solid, bumpy teeth at the back of your mouth; they are used for crushing and chewing food. Premolars are slightly smaller; they are also used for chewing

Fun Fact 13

Did you know that the tooth is the only part of the human body that cannot repair itself?  Our teeth are coated with enamel; which is not a living tissue, this means it cannot repair itself. If we chip or break a tooth we need to visit a dentist to have it repaired

Fun Fact 14

The longest human tooth officially documented was extracted in Singapore 2009; it measured 3.2 cm long!

Fun Fact 15

We should all look after our teeth! Our teeth need to last us a lifetime and deserve to be treated well. Brush them with toothpaste for 2 minutes, twice a day using a gentle circular motion and don't forget to brush the gum line!

Fact Sheet on Teeth
Fun Facts on Teeth for kids

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