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Fun Facts on Meteoroids for Kids
Discover fast, interesting, fun facts about Meteoroids
with our kid friendly fact sheets; they are ideal for children, homework, schools, teachers and kids of all ages! Compiled in a useful fact file format our fact sheet on Meteoroids includes free pictures, photos and a cool funny video on each page, which helps to make the learning process fast, easy and great fun! Discover amazing facts, trivia and information, learn simple answers to questions like; what are meteoroids? What is the difference between a meteoroid, meteor and meteorite? How big is the largest meteorite found on Earth? Our fact files for kids are full of amazing information on every subject; they are quick, unique and a great way to learn fun facts and trivia with your kids!

Did You Know?
Did you know that billions of meteoroids fall to earth everyday! Did you know that in 2004 a meteoroid measuring almost 10 metres wide hit Earths atmosphere just above Antarctica? It created over 745 tonnes of dust! Read our fact file to discover some amazing facts about meteoroids, meteors and meteorites.

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Fun facts about Meteoroids would not be complete without a picture! Don't forget to watch the fun facts video, its ideal for kids and children of all ages and great for homework help and school study

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Fact Sheet on Meteoroids
Fun Facts about Meteoroids for kids

Fun Fact 1

Pieces of rock and debris that fall from asteroids, comets  and moons are called meteoroids

Fun Fact 2

Meteoroids are fragments and particles that have been caused by collisions

Fun Fact 3

Meteoroids vary in size, they can be a small as a grain of sand or as big as a small car!

Fun Fact 4

When meteoroids hit earth's atmosphere they burn become meteors or shooting stars

Fun Fact 5

Chunks of meteoroids that do not burn on Earth's atmosphere sometimes fall to Earth, these are called meteorites

Fun Fact 6

The easy to remember differences between meteoroids, meteors and meteorites is: meteoroids are in space, meteors are in Earths atmosphere and meteorites are found on ground

Fun Fact 7

Meteorites sometimes land on other planets, moons and asteroids the impact causes craters and they can be very damaging

Fun Fact 8

Meteoroids often cause damage to satellites, space craft and space probs too

Fun Fact 9

Meteors are caused by the friction of air particles and pressure as a meteoroid enters Earths atmosphere. Heat is generated which begins to glow, as the meteoroid melts away it leaves a trail of light and this is called a meteor

Fun Fact 10

When a meteoroid enters Earth’s atmosphere, it can be travelling up to 130,000 mph

Fun Fact 11

The length of the light trail depends on the meteoroids elements and dimension; the trail can last a few seconds to 30 minutes

Fun Fact 12

Meteoroid debris lands on Earth every day! However it usually lands in the sea; over 70% of planet earth is covered by water

Fun Fact 13

The largest Meteorite found on Earth was discovered in Namibia, Africa in 1920. Named Hoba the meteorite measures 2.7m wide, 2.7m deep, 0.9 m high and weighs 60 tonnes!

Fun Fact 14

When a meteoroid measures greater than 10 metres in diameter it is called an asteroid

Fun Fact 15

Why did Dinosaurs become extinct? Most scientists accept the theory that a colossal asteroid crashed into earth 65 million years ago causing devastating changes to the climate. Dinosaurs could not adapt and were eventually wiped out

Fact Sheet on Meteoroids
Fun Facts on Meteoroids for kids

Fun Facts on Meteoroids

Fun Facts about Meteoroids for kids

Cool Facts and interesting information about Meteoroids for kids of all ages!

Fact Sheet on Meteoroids, ideal for kids and homework

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Kids can learn the easy way with the fun Fact Sheet about Meteoroids

Interesting information and fast, interesting facts and trivia about Meteoroids for kids

Fun Facts on Meteoroids for kids, schools and homework help

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