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Fun Facts on Saturn for Kids
Fast, interesting, fun facts about Saturn are especially written for kids, they are ideal for children, homework, schools, teachers and kids of all ages! Every 'facts for kids' subject has a cool funny video on each page, which helps to make the learning process fast, easy and great fun!
Discover amazing facts, trivia and information, learn simple answers to questions such as these; how big is Saturn? How far away is Saturn from the sun? How many rings surround Saturn? What are the rings made of? Discover fast, interesting fun facts and trivia about this beautiful ringed planet with our unique fact sheet, free pictures, photos and free cool entertaining video. Amaze your friends with your knowledge on each of the planets in the solar system by reading our facts sheets on each of the planets

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Did you know that that the rings around planet Saturn measure around 275,000 km in diameter? Did you know that a day on Saturn lasts for just 11 Earth hours? Did you know that Saturn's atmosphere is made up of hydrogen and helium? Don't forget to watch the fun facts video, its ideal for kids and children of all ages and great for homework help and school study

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Fun facts about Saturn would not be complete without a picture of the planet! Our amazing fact files for kids are full of cool information on every subject; they are quick, unique and a great way to learn fun facts together with your kids

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Fact Sheet on Saturn
Fun Facts about Saturn for kids

Fun Fact 1

The name Saturn is derived from the Roman God Saturn; he was god of fertility and agriculture

Fun Fact 2

How big is Saturn? The Planet Saturn is the second biggest planet in our Solar System; it has a diameter of about 120, 536 km

Fun Fact 3

How far is the planet Saturn away from the Sun? Saturn is 1427 million km away from the sun; it is the sixth furthest planet in our Solar system from the Sun

Fun Fact 4

Saturn is recognizable because of its rings. The three rings surrounding the planet consist of ringlets of rocks, ice, space matter, and dust particles that orbit at high speed

Fun Fact 5

Saturn's rings were discovered by Dutch astronomer Christian Huygens in 1655 and the bright interior ring is named the Huygenian region in tribute to him, however the true structure of the rings was not determined until the 19th century

Fun Fact 6

The rings around planet Saturn measure around 275,000 km in diameter and have a depth of around only 1km

Fun Fact 7

What is it like on the surface of the Planet Saturn? Saturn is made up of mainly hydrogen (75%) and helium (25%) around a rocky core, like Jupiter it as no solid surface; therefore no space craft are able to land there

Fun Fact 8

The atmosphere has a few streaky clouds and very high winds; the wind speed can reach a whopping 1,800 km per hour!

Fun Fact 9

Does the planet Saturn have any moons? Astronomers have discovered over 60 moons and satellites around Saturn, the best known ones include; Titan, Mimas, Enceladus, Tethys, Pan, Atlas and Prometheus

Fun Fact 10

Saturn's largest moon is called Titan. It measures 5,150 km in diameter and is the second largest moon in the solar system (after Jupiter's moon Ganymede)

Fun Fact 11

It is an extremely light planet as it has no density, in fact if you could find an ocean big enough to drop the planet into, it would float!

Fun Fact 12

Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune are mainly made up of gases; collectively they are called the outer planets

Fun Fact 13

Saturn orbits the sun once every 10,759 Earth days which is equal to once every 29.5 Earth years

Fun Fact 14

The rings are structured from thousands of smaller rings called ringlets, the two outer ropes twist around each other similar to the structure of rope

Fun Fact 15

Saturn is not the only planet that has a ring system, but it is the most outstanding. Three other planets that have surrounding rings, they are Uranus, Jupiter and Neptune

Fact Sheet on Saturn
Fun Facts about Saturn for kids

Fun Facts on Saturn

Fun Facts on Saturn for kids

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