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Fun Facts about
Table Mountain

Fun Facts about Table Mountain for Kids
Learn new fast, interesting fun facts about Table Mountain. Our facts sheets have been especially created for kids with some amazing, cool and quick information about the size of this humungous mountain, where it is located, how the area has naturally developed an ecosystem of its own, the species of animal and birds which inhabit the area, the height of its tallest peaks, the unusual formation of the mountain's flat peak and how it received it name.
Table Mountain has become one of the New Seven Natural Wonders of the World as it's recognized for its incredible appearance and formation. When the mist falls over the top, it is said to look like a table cloth!

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Did you know that Table Mountain is one of the 7 New Natural Wonders of the World? Check out our facts for kids to discover interesting information about its formation and natural ecosystem.

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Fun facts about the Table Mountain would not be complete without an image of it. Why not watch our fun facts video, its interesting for kids and children of all ages and ideal for homework help.

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Fact Sheet about Table Mountain
Fun Facts about  Table Mountain for kids

Fun Fact 1

Table Mountain is located on the southern tip of the African Continent with Cape Town situated at its base.

Fun Fact 2

Table Mountain is huge; it is 1,083 meters at the highest point, making it a visible landmark from great distances.

Fun Fact 3

The incredible formation of this mountain is unusual as the peak creates a flat top - hence the name Table Mountain.

Fun Fact 4

When the winds rises up the slopes, forming condensation, clouds form at the top of the mountain and often look like a tablecloth.

Fun Fact 5

Table Mountain is a natural ecosystem of plants, animals and other organisms which live amongst its environment.

Fun Fact 6

There are more than 2,200 species of plant which grow on Table Mountain, much of the plant life is exclusive to this particular area.

Fun Fact 7

Throughout history, many species of animal have lived on Table Mountain including lions and leopards. These types of animals no longer exist in this area, however, other smaller species such as porcupine and mongoose, and reptiles including snakes, continue to exist.

Fun Fact 8

One of the most popular types of animal living on Table Mountain is the rock hyrax. This animal is similar to a large guinea pig.

Fun Fact 9

Tourists, including hikers and rock climbers; visit from across the world to see this natural African wonder.

Fun Fact 10

The first recorded climb of Table Mountain took place in 1503 by Antonio de Saldanha. It was Antonio de Saldanha who gave the mountain its recognizable name.

Fun Fact 11

The top of the mountain peak is reasonably flat, in fact, at the highest points, the western end measures just 19 meters lower than the eastern end which is located approximately 3 kilometres away.

Fun Fact 12

There is a stone cairn at the eastern end which is known as Maclear's Beacon. A cairn can be described as a man-made pile of stones.

Fun Fact 13

There are two peaks on Table Mountain which are very distinctive. They are called 'Devil's Peak and Lion's Head'.

Fun Fact 14

The flat stone gorge known as 'Platteklip Gorge' offers the most direct route to the summit as it divides the steep cliffs.

Fun Fact 15

There are 3 defensive forts known as 'blockhouses' which remain on high ground. Although, no longer intact, these are the remains of forts constructed at the end of the 18th Century by the British.

Fact Sheet about Table Mountain
Fun Facts about Table Mountain for kids

Fun Facts about Table Mountain

Fun Facts - Table Mountain for Kids

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