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Fun Facts about
Black America Athletes

Fun Facts about Black American Athletes for Kids
Learn all about the most famous an iconic Black American Athletes. Do you want to discover which awards, competitions, medals and trophies each sports star achieved in their career? What was their personal best and which records were smashed? Our fact files and fact sheets will provide the answers. Ideal for children, homework, schools, teachers and kids of all ages! Find fascinating information written especially for kids about different Black American Athletes through the ages; from Muhammad Ali to Tiger Woods and Wilma Rudolph to Serena Williams, our fact sheets will give you trivia and information about each black sporting legend. Enjoy our fast, trivia about each of the Male and Female black American Athletes compiled in a useful fact file format with specific information on each of the talented black American superstars.

Fun Facts about Famous Black American Athletes for Kids

Facts about Black American Athletes for Kids

Fun Facts for Kids
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Black American Athletes - Michael Jordan
Learn some amazing, cool and quick information about this successful American male basketball player. Michael Jordon is famous throughout the world. But do you know who he is married to? How many kids he has, where he studied and what happened that prevented him from playing more than 60 games? Read our facts sheet to discover the answers to these questions and reveal more information about this American icon.

Black American Athletes - Tiger Woods
This famous American sportsman was introduced to golf by his father at a very young age. Find out some amazing and interesting facts about this outstanding American golfer including the types of awards he has received and the tournaments he has competed in and won. Discover how Tiger got his name and whether or not it was the name given to him at birth.

Black American Athletes - Venus and Serena Williams
Did you know that Serena and Venus have lots of siblings? Did you know that their parents played a large part in their rise to championship tennis superstars? Discover information about the Williams family, and the history of these fabulous sportswomen's careers, records and achievements.

Black American Athletes - Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali is a famous African American sportsman who has competed and won many professional fights our interesting facts sheet details interesting information and trivia about this famous and iconic star including who he is married to, the most famous professional boxing matches he has competed in and how he started his boxing career.

Black American Athletes - Oj Simpson
Find out quick, fun facts and interesting information using our useful fact files and fact sheet about this fascinating sportsman. Discover information about his American football career and his prison sentence for committing various crimes. The free Facts Files and Fact sheets provide interesting, amazing, fun facts and information, together with pictures, images and a fun video

Black American Athletes - Mike Tyson
Read our facts sheets for kids for news, trivia and information about this famous Black American hero. Discover interesting details about the records and achievements of Mike Tyson the sports legend and film star!

Facts about Black American Athletes for Kids via Videos

Discover interesting information with our funny and fast facts for kids via videos. Every article has a different funny video to make the learning process easy, fast and interesting. It's great for kids and children of all ages and ideal for homework help and as a free aid to teachers and parents. Our funny videos contain facts about every subject and are guaranteed to help with knowledge retention making the whole learning process quick and easy. Enjoy our funny videos about famous black Americans, American history, the American Presidents and black American scientists. Learn new info and trivia the easy way with our free, funny videos on every topic.

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