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Wilma Rudolph

Fun Facts about Wilma Rudolph for Kids
Discover fast, interesting Fun Facts about Wilma Rudolph for kids with some amazing, cool and quick information about this famous American female athlete who was born in 1940 in Tennessee. Find out interesting facts including how tall this fabulous female athlete was and how much she weighed.

Wilma Rudolph was a famous sportswoman who was considered the fastest female of the 1960s. She received various nicknames associated with her outstanding performances and speed. Check out our facts below and discover how many medals this famous American athlete won and how many Olympic Games she competed in.

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Did you know that Wilma Rudolph had 21 siblings from 2 marriages? Did you know that she wore a brace on her leg and foot when she was a child? Do you know how she became a famous athlete? Read our fact sheet to discover the answers

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Wilma Rudolph born inTennessee image
Born in Tennesse, USA
track and field legend
Multi Award Winning Athlete
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Fact Sheet on Wilma Rudolph
Fun Facts about Wilma Rudolph for kids

Fun Fact 1

Wilma Rudolph's middle name was Glodean. She was born June 23rd, 1940 in Saint Bethlehem, Tennessee in the United States of America.

Fun Fact 2

Wilma Rudolph was a famous American female athlete and an Olympic Champion. She was famous for being a powerful and superfast sprinter.

Fun Fact 3

Wilma Rudolph was classed as the fastest female in the world during the 1960s.

Fun Fact 4

Wilma Rudolph received various nicknames associated with her athletic ability and speed. The nicknames included The Black Gazelle, The Tornado and The Black Pearl. She received these nicknames when she became an Olympic champion in 1960.

Fun Fact 5

Wilma Rudolph competed in the Olympic Games in the years of 1956 and 1960. It was during the 1960's games, held in Rome, that she performed particularly well.

Fun Fact 6

Wilma Rudolph became the first female to win 3 Olympic gold medals in track and field during a single Olympic Games. She won these medals during the 1960 Olympic Games held in the city of Rome, Italy.

Fun Fact 7

Wilma Rudolph became an international star following her outstanding performance during the 1960 Olympic Games. This was the first year that the Olympic Games were covered by international television.

Fun Fact 8

Wilma Rudolph was fairly tall for a female, her height was 180cm which is equivalent to 5 ft 11 inches. She weighed 130 lb.

Fun Fact 9

Wilma Rudolph had to wear a brace on her left leg and foot as a child as she suffered from infantile paralysis as a result of the polio virus which had left her with a twisted leg/foot. She wore the brace until she was nine years old.

Fun Fact 10

Wilma Rudolph was discovered by a man called Ed Temple. He was a track and field coach for Tennessee State and he spotted her when she was playing a game of basketball. He could see that she was a natural with a great deal of potential.

Fun Fact 11

Wilma Rudolph attended Burt High School. She joined the school's basketball team and soon became a star, leading the team to state championship.

Fun Fact 12

Wilma Rudolph first competed in the Olympic Games in 1956, they were held in Melbourne and she managed to win a bronze medal in the 4x100m relay. She was only 16 years of age at the time.

Fun Fact 13

Wilma Rudolph won many medals during her athletic career including silver and gold medals at the Pan American Games. She also won the AAU 100m title four years in a row, as well as three indoor AAU titles.

Fun Fact 14

Wilma Rudolph won the award for the top amateur athlete in the United States of America in 1961. The award is known as the James E. Sullivan Award.

Fun Fact 15

Wilma Rudolph had four children called Yolanda, Djuanna, Robert Jr and Xurry. This incredible athlete passed away in 1994 when she was just 54 years of age. She died from a brain tumor.

Fact Sheet on Wilma Rudolph
Fun Facts about Wilma Rudolph for kids

Fun Facts about Wilma Rudolph

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