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Fun Facts about
Black America Actors

Fun Facts about Black American Actors for Kids
Discover news, trivia and information all about the most famous black American Actors and actresses. Learn all about the careers, films, shows, awards and achievements of these American super stars and film legends. Our fact files and fact sheets are packed with trivia and information and have been compiled for kids and children of all ages! Ideal for homework, schools, teachers they are perfect for finding info fast the easy way! Learn about famous black American actors through the years; from Will Smith to Wesley Snipes, our fact sheets will give you trivia and information about the most famous black American movie stars. Enjoy our information compiled in a useful format with a fact sheet on each of the talented American superstar acting legends.

Fun Facts about Famous Black American Actors for Kids

Facts about Black American Actors for Kids

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Bill Cosby American actor
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Famous Black Actors - Denzil Washington
Discover fascinating and interesting facts about this famous American man who is not just a fabulous actor and movie star but also a very successful film director. Read our fun facts sheet which reveals information about the life and career of Denzel Washington including the titles of big hit movies that he has appeared in, how old he is, who he is married to and how he likes to perform all his own stunts! Read our facts sheet to discover the answers to these questions and reveal more information about this American icon.

Famous Black Actors - Oprah Winfrey
Did you know that this amazing African American woman was not born with the name that she is famous for? Discover when and how she first became involved in television and how she became the richest African American in the 20th Century and the most long-standing talk show host in the history of American television - despite having a difficult background and history. Our facts encourage children to learn important information and details about some of the most famous and influential American people from past to present day.

Famous Black Actors -  Morgan Freeman
Did you know that Morgan Freeman was born in Memphis, Tennessee during 1937 and that his star sign is Gemini? He is a famous American actor, film director and narrator. He has starred in many hit movies over the years, read our facts sheet about this talented black American actor to find out lots of interesting facts and info about his interesting career, achievements and awards.

Famous Black Actors -  Maya Angelou
Maya Angelou is famous as a writer and poet; she was also an excellent dancer, singer and actress. Our facts sheet will reveal all you need to know about this amazing talented African American lady from how she first discovered her love for literature to how she developed her career to include acting and producing movies. Read and learn information about the life and achievements of this famous woman whose life and works are admired by people across the world.

Famous Black Actors - Samuel L Jackson
Find out quick, fun facts and interesting information about American black actors using our useful fact files and fact sheet about this fascinating movie legend. Do you know what the initial L in his name stands for? Did you know that he has starred in over 100 films! Have a look at our interesting facts to find out information and details about this famous movie star and movie producers life. Our free Facts Files and Fact sheets provide interesting, amazing, fun facts and information, together with pictures, images and a fun video on every page.

Famous Black Actors - Will Smith
Read our facts sheets for kids for news, trivia and information about this famous Black American Superstar whose TV career took off in 1990 whilst appearing on a hit sit com show that ran for 6 years. He is also a talented musician and rapper - both music and acting careers have won him numerous awards throughout his lifetime. Discover interesting details about his awards and achievements of Will Smith, Hollywood film star and movie legend.

Black American Actors for Kids via Videos

Discover interesting information with our funny and fast facts for kids via videos. Every article has a different funny video to make the learning process easy, fast and fun. It's great for kids and children of all ages and ideal for homework help and as a free aid to teachers and parents. Our funny videos contain facts about every subject and are guaranteed to help with knowledge retention making the whole learning process quick and easy. Enjoy our funny videos about famous black Americans, American History, the American Presidents and black American legends. Learn new info and trivia the easy way with our free, funny videos on every topic.

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